Colours influence people. There is enough scientific proof backing this phenomenon.
Red is the colour of fire and blood. It defeats the ailments that besiege man’s physical power.
Therefore it will do you good to visit HET VEERHUIS on a regular basis.

Jazzclub HET VEERHUIS is known in the entire universe of New Orleans music. Jazzfans from Belgium and the surrounding countries flock to our club where they are offered a live concert every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month (except July and August)
The jazzclub’s renown is linked to the quality of the music and the unique character of the atmosphere. Great names in traditional New Orleans music played in Klein Willebroek. From Louis Nelson, Kid Thomas, Kid Sheik, Willie and Percy Humphrey to Paul Barbarin, Ed Garland, Jabbo Smith, Ernie Cagnolatti, Emmanuel Sayles, Father Al Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, Alton Purnell, Sing Miller, Paul “Polo” Barnes, Don Ewell, Bill Russel with the full Ragtime Orchestra and so on. Moreover HET VEERHUIS is one of the oldest active New Orleans jazzclubs.
Jazzclub HET VEERHUIS was founded in 1970 with the intention of promoting the jazz music from New Orleans. In that year a newborn orchestra crossed the river Rupel from its nest in Mit De Kogel’s pub on the other bank of the river. Destination: a proper jazzclub in Klein Willebroek in the original ferryman’s house. That explains its name “HET VEERHUIS”.
In 1990 this building, which had risen to fame in the meantime, was demolished in the context of the new levee development plan to protect the town of Klein Willebroek against the floods.
At the same time the project of a “new” Veerhuis was started. Work progressed steadily. The deadline 1 September 1990 was met thanks to everybody’s unflagging zeal.

Owing to the unlimited commitment of friends and/or volunteers HET VEERHUIS has been able to pursue its aims ever since 1970. Here are there names in random order:

Greet Denissen & Peter Apers ● Paul Bal ● Mike Bryon ● Diane & Bert Corremans ● Jos Dalemans ● Annie Debie & Paul De Niel ● Marleen Delalieux ● Natacha De Maeseneer ● Christiane & Guy De Maeseneer-Vernimmen ● Anne De Neys ● Martine Maenhout ● Christophe Du Tre ● Esthel Echemendia-Rams ● Roger Vanderseypen ● Greet Janssens ● Marc Lamberts ● Arlette Lenaerts ● Lisa Roelants ● Greet Van der Auwera ● Denise Alpaerts  ● Ria & Jan Van Camp ● Dirk Van de Mosselaer● Maria De Roos ● Koen & Jan Van Praet ● Marc Vermeulen ● Ernelle Vinck & Daniel Voet ● Lu Van Poele & Etienne Wils ● Monique Raemdonck  ● Marianne De Roos ● Marc Segers & An Lefever ● Gert & Catherine Verelst-De Roos ● Tom Van Breedam ● Gaetan Janssens ● Galyna ● "Milleke" Simonis ● Jo & Marianne Van den Broeck-De Roos ● Luc & Bernadette Bal-Vercauteren 




You can become a MEMBER of Jazzclub HET VEERHUIS. In exchange you receive our bi-monthly club magazine and a reduction for 2 people on the entrance fee. More information at the reception in the jazzclub.

The Rupel by night.